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If you like listening to music on Bandcamp and want to download it to your PC or mobile then you are at the right website. SMSKULL Bandcamp Music Downloader tool allows you to download any music or song online for free from Bandcamp. You can download any music you want in MP3 and high-quality 128Kbps or 320Kbps from Bandcamp.

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We support all platforms and devices to download Bandcamp music. You can use Desktop, Laptop, Mac, iOS, Android mobile phones to download Bandcamp music through our tool.

How to download mp3 music from Bandcamp?

People love listening to songs and if you are listening to your favorite artist song on Bandcamp and want to download it immediately to your desktop or mobile devices then follow these simple steps below.

  1. Open into your device browser.
  2. Now search for the song you want to download and copy its browser URL.
  3. Go to and paste the copied URL into the input box located at the top of the page and click the download button.
  4. Now you will see options on the screen to choose the quality of the song to download which is 128Kbps & 320Kbps. Click on the desired one.
  5. The download will begin automatically into your browser.

How to download Bandcamp music from Android or iOS smartphones?

Most people prefer to use a mobile phone more than a desktop or laptop to listen to or download their favorite video or mp3 music. Our Bandcamp music downloader tool allows you to download Bandcamp music through the Desktop as well as from your iOS or Android mobile phones too. Just follow these steps.

  1. Open into your Google Chrome or Safari browser (You can use any browser you want).
  2. Search for your favorite music and copy its main browser URL.
  3. Now go to and paste the copied link into the input field top of the page and click the download button.
  4. Choose the audio quality (128Kbps & 320Kbps) from the options on the screen and click on it.
  5. The download will start automatically into your device browser.

Frequently Asked Question

Do you save Bandcamp music?

No, we do not store any Bandcamp music on our server. We just provide you with a download link that allows you to download the music directly from Bandcamp. All songs or music are stored on the Bandcamp website.

Is it free to use the Bandcamp Music Downloader tool?

Yes, our Bandcamp music downloader is completely free to use. You can download any song or music via our tool from Bandcamp completely free.

How many songs can I download in a day from Bandcamp?

You can download unlimited songs in a day from Bandcamp using our tool. Download as many songs as possible in a day from Bandcamp online without paying a cent.

Can I listen to downloaded Bandcamp songs offline?

Yes, you can listen to downloaded Bandcamp music offline on your mobile phones or desktop as many times as possible.

Is it legal to download Bandcamp music?

Yes, it is completely legal to download Bandcamp music privately. Read the terms and conditions of Bandcamp if you want to use any song or music for any commercial purposes. If you use any copyrighted Bandcamp songs for your monetary benefits without taking permission from the music creator then you might face legal issues.

Can I download the full album or playlist from Bandcamp?

Yes, you can download the full album or playlist from Bandcamp in just seconds. The process of downloading the whole playlist is the same as downloading songs. Instead of copying the song URL, you have to copy the URL of the playlist paste it in the input box above this page, and click the download.

Where will the song or music be saved after downloading?

All the songs you downloaded using our Bandcamp music downloader are saved in the default folder set by your browser. If you are using a desktop check the “Downloads” folder. For Android users check the “My files” or iPhone users check iCloud storage. You can also set the default folder by going into your browser setting for your downloaded Bandcamp music. In case, you didn’t find your downloaded songs just check your browser download history to find the location of the songs.

Does SMSKULL track its user’s activity?

No, we do not track any activity of our users; it is completely against our user’s privacy. We do not track any music you downloaded through our Bandcamp downloader tool.

Do you have a Chrome or Firefox extension to download Bandcamp music?

Yes, we are working on building a Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser extension that allows you to download your favorite Bandcamp music in just a few clicks. Until then you can use our Bandcamp Music Downloader tool for completely free to download any music from Bandcamp to your device.

Why choose our Bandcamp Music Downloader tool?

SMSKULL is one of the best Bandcamp music downloader tools that allows users to download any music from Bandcamp free of cost and at a high speed. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us.

  1. Bandcamp Playlist Downloader

With the help of our tool, you can download the entire playlist from Bandcamp for free in high quality within a few seconds.

  1. No registration required

No need to sign up or register an account with us before downloading any Bandcamp song. Just grab the song URL from the Bandcamp website paste it in the input box top of this page and click the download button.

  1. Completely secure to download songs

Don’t need to worry about any viruses while downloading the songs. Our website is 100% virus-free and completely secure. We don’t show you any kind of annoying popup ads that ruin the user experience.

  1. Fast downloading speed

Download mp3 songs from Bandcamp at a higher speed. Within a matter of seconds, you can download high-quality audio (128Kbps & 320Kbps) songs from Bandcamp for free.

  1. Download Unlimited songs completely free

There is no limit on downloading songs through our tool. You can download as many songs as possible in a day without paying a cent.

  1. Support all browsers and platforms

We support all types of browsers and platforms. You can use your PC, Laptop, Mac, iOS, Android mobile phones to download songs from Bandcamp. Our Bandcamp music downloader works with almost all the top browsers available on the internet whether it is Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.

  1. No software installation required

No need to install any kind of software on your device for downloading Bandcamp songs.

What is Bandcamp?

Bandcamp is an American company founded in 2008. It is an online music company or a store that provides a great platform for independent artists to upload their music and promote it online.

Artists can create their account on Bandcamp for free and after that, they will have a customized website where they can create their music or upload it and share it with the other users online without any hassle.

Bandcamp has more than 30 million monthly visitors online worldwide.

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