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Instagram has almost a billion active users online. People follow and like the photos or videos of celebrities or other persons they follow. They want to save and download some of the photos or videos to their device to see them whenever they want and share them further on other social media platforms.

Instagram Video Downloader - Smskull

SMSKULL Instagram Video Downloader allows you to download any photo or video you want from Instagram easily. Our free online video downloader tool simply fetches the photos or videos from the Instagram URL you enter in the above input field and makes it downloadable to your current device.

You can easily save or download your favorite photos or videos from Instagram from any device (iPhone, Android, Windows, Linux, Mac). It works perfectly with almost all the browsers on the internet.

How to Download Instagram Video & Download Instagram Photos from desktop?

Download and save multiple photos, videos, or carousel posts from Instagram with the following steps.

  1. Open Instagram and choose the photos, videos, or carousel posts you want to download or save.
  2. Copy the URL or Link.
  3. Go to and paste the copied link on the above input field.
  4. Click the download button to download photos or videos in the specific quality or format.
  5. After that, your video starts downloading into your device automatically.

See how easy it is to use our Instagram video downloader tool. Using these steps you can download any videos from Instagram in just a few seconds.

How to download Instagram videos from iPhone or Android smartphones?

It is very simple and easy to download Instagram videos from your iPhone, Windows, or Android smartphones. You just have to follow the given steps below:

  1. Open up the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android phone. Then tap the 3 dots on the top right corner of any video or photo, then tap or click on the copy link.
  2. From Safari or Chrome open up the Instagram Video Downloader and paste the copied link into the input bar, then hit the download button.
  3. After that, it will start downloading automatically in the Chrome browser but iPhone Safari will ask you to open the Document app, don’t worry just hit the open button.
  4. (For iPhone) After that touch the Done button on the upper right corner of your iPhone screen to download or save the video on your iPhone.
  5. The video has been downloaded to your phone. Enjoy.

You can use our Instagram video downloader tool to download any of your favorite videos from Instagram in just a few seconds. Download Instagram videos from your phone and share them with others or watch them later offline.


How to download Instagram private videos and photos?

There are two types of Instagram accounts public and private. In public accounts, every user (Followers or Non-followers) has access to download the content whereas in private accounts only approved followers will be able to see the posts or hashtags.

Our Instagram video downloader tool can only download photos or videos from the public account as currently, we are not allowed from Instagram to download the data of private users.

How many photos or videos I can download in a day from Instagram Video Downloader?

You can download as many videos or photos from Instagram as you want using our Instagram video downloader tool. There is no daily download limit with our tool.

Can I download IGTV videos online through your IG Video Downloader?

Yes, you can, just copy the link of the IGTV video and paste it into the above input bar then press the download button. After that choose the download format in which you want to save your video to your device. Our IG Video Downloader is very simple and easy to use.

Does SMSKULL save files or track the links of its users?

No, we do not store any of your videos nor track any links of our users. We do not save any type of image or video on our server. All the photos or videos download directly from Instagram.

Do you keep a history of my downloads?

No this is against our user’s privacy policy. We completely respect the privacy of our users.

In which quality I can download photos or videos from Instagram?

If the video or photo is available in high quality on Instagram then you will be able to download it in the same quality. There are no other options available to download the photos and videos from Instagram than the actual quality of it. You can easily download Instagram photos and videos in HD quality from our free Instagram Video Downloader tool online.

Can I download Instagram Photos and Videos in HD Quality?

Yes, you can download Instagram Photos and Videos in HD quality on your device through our IG Video Downloader tool.

Is it legal to save videos or photos from Instagram?

Yes, It is 100% safe and legal to download Instagram photos and videos from our online video downloader tool. You can download any photo or video from Instagram as you want just make sure to use it only for personal use. It is completely safe and legal to download someone’s content to your device to watch it offline but keep in mind you are not the original creator of the content and hence you are not liable to use that content to earn money or any other commercial purposes.

To use the downloaded video or photo for any commercial purposes you need to take permission from the original creator or the owner.

Why choose our Instagram Video downloader tool?

There are many reasons that make Smskull the best Instagram video downloader tool online. Some of the reasons are given below.

  1. Fast and easy to use.
  2. Easy to understand user interface.
  3. Unlimited download.
  4. No need to pay any money for downloading videos from Instagram.
  5. No need to install any unknown or suspicious software into your device.
  6. User registration is not required.

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You can download videos as well as mp3 and videos without audio using the Smskull online free video downloader tool. You can download audio files only if they are available.