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Soundcloud is a website where anyone can listen to or share their music for free. You can listen to any song you want online for free on Soundcloud but cannot download it that’s why we created this Soundcloud downloader tool that allows you to download Soundcloud songs for completely free.

Soundcloud Music Downloader - Smskull

You can download any music, songs, or tracks from Soundcloud in MP3 format for completely free. With our Soundcloud downloader tool, you can download high-quality music and mp3 tracks at 128Kbps and 320Kbps speed. You can use any device Laptop, PC, Mac, iOS, Android mobile phone to download music or songs from Soundcloud with our tool.

How to download Soundcloud songs or music from the desktop?

Downloading Soundcloud songs on your desktop is very easy. Using our Soundcloud downloader tool you can download any songs or music from Soundcloud within just a few clicks. Here are the steps to follow to download your favorite songs or music from Soundcloud.

  1. Open into your desktop browser.
  2. Now search for the songs or music you want to download and copy its browser URL.
  3. Go to and paste the copied URL in the input box top of the page and click the download button.
  4. Now choose the downloading speed for the songs from the options. Click on the green box.
  5. The download will start automatically into your browser.

How to download Soundcloud songs or music from your iOS or Android mobile phones?

Downloading Soundcloud songs from your iOS or Android smartphones is fairly simple just like the desktop. Here are the steps to follow.

  1. Open into your iOS or Android phone browser.
  2. Look for the song you want to download and copy its browser link.
  3. Go to and paste the copied link into the input box on the top of the page and click the download button.
  4. Now you will see different download speed options to choose from, Click on your preferred speed.
  5. The download will start automatically into your browser.

Our Soundcloud downloader tool helps you in downloading any music from Soundcloud from your smartphones within just a few taps.

How to download songs from Soundcloud app?

  1. First, open the Soundcloud app into your mobile phone.
  2. Play the song you want to download and tap the share button.
  3. Now, tap on the “Copy Link” option from the menu.
  4. Open into your mobile browser and paste the copied link into the input field and tap on the download button.
  5. Choose your desired quality from 128Kbps or 320Kbps. Tap on it.
  6. The download will start automatically into your mobile browser.


Where are songs saved after being downloaded?

All the songs or music you download from Soundcloud by using our tool are saved in the default folder set by your browser. You can also manually set a default folder for your downloaded Soundcloud songs from your browser setting. By default, all the saved songs are located in the “Downloads” folder on your Windows or Mac system. In case, you didn’t find your downloaded Soundcloud songs just go to your browser download history and check the location.

Does SMSKULL work on Mobile Phones?

Yes, SMSKULL is highly mobile optimized and works great with any mobile phone whether it is iOS or Android. Easy to use interface is easily understandable by any user whether you are using a mobile or desktop.

Can I download the complete Soundcloud playlist?

Yes, you can download the complete Soundcloud playlist by using our Soundcloud Downloader tool for free.

Can I download my own songs from Soundcloud?

Yes, you can download your own song from Soundcloud. When you upload your song to Soundcloud it will generate a URL for that you just need to copy the URL of your song and go to SMSKULL Soundcloud downloader tool, paste the copied URL in the input box and click the download button. Now you will see options on the screen to choose song quality (128Kbps & 320Kbps) click on it and the download will start automatically into your browser. 

You can listen to as many songs as possible on Soundcloud and can also save it offline but cannot download it as mp3 to your device. Our tool provides you with a downloadable link so that you can download the song to your device easily.

Do SMSKULL store any song downloaded by the users?

No, we do not store any of the songs downloaded by our users on our server. We respect our user’s privacy. Our Soundcloud downloader tool just acts like a mediator between Soundcloud and the users all the songs are downloaded directly from the SoundCloud website.

Do you have any Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox extension?

Yes, we are currently working on building an extension for Chrome as well as a Firefox browser for our users to download SoundCloud music much faster and easier.

Is it free to download songs from Soundcloud Downloader?

Yes, our SoundCloud Downloader tool is completely free. You do not need to pay anything from your pocket to download MP3 songs or music from SoundCloud through our tool.

Is it safe to download songs from Soundcloud?

Yes, our Soundcloud music downloader tool is completely safe to use.

Can I download a private song from Soundcloud?

Yes, you can download private songs from Soundcloud. You can download any private song or videos from our Soundcloud downloader tool completely free of cost.

Why choose our Soundcloud Downloader tool?

There are many reasons which make us the best Soundcloud downloader tool online. Here are some of the reasons.

  1. Download Unlimited songs for free

You can download unlimited songs using the SMSKULL Soundcloud downloader tool for free.

  • Soundcloud Playlist Downloader

If you want to download the entire playlist of songs from Soundcloud online then our tool is one of the best to do that. You can download the entire playlist of songs from Soundcloud within a few minutes.

  • No user registration required

You don’t need to go through a signup or registration process before downloading any songs with us. Just copy the Soundcloud song URL paste it in the above input box and click the download button.

  • Fast downloading speed

Using our tool you can download Soundcloud songs within a few clicks with high downloading speed. Download high-quality Soundcloud songs (128Kbps & 320Kbps) in a matter of seconds.

  • No software installation required

There is no need to install any kind of software or plugin to download SoundCloud songs. All you have to do is open our website and paste the copied URL into the input bar and click on the download button to download your favorite songs on your device.

  • Safe and virus free

Our site is safe to use and completely virus-free. Do not worry about any kind of redirection to a spammy or unknown website. You can download your favorite songs from Soundcloud without any disturbing pop-ups or ads.

  • Support all browser and platforms

We support all kinds of different browsers and platforms. You can use laptops, PC, Mac, iOS, Android phones to download songs. We support all browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, UC Browser, and many other well-known browsers.

How to make an account on SoundCloud?

  1. Open homepage into your device browser.
  2. Click on the orange button “Sign up for free” or the upper right corner “Create account” on Soundcloud.
  3. Now a popup screen will open and you can log in either from your Facebook or Google account instantly. You can also open a new account with Soundcloud by entering up your Email address on the empty field.
  4. If you want to create a new account with Soundcloud enter your email and desire password into the field and click accept and continue.
  5. Now enter all your details and click on the “Get started with Soundcloud” button.

What is Soundcloud?

SoundCloud is one of the best platforms for music lovers and for musicians who want to share their own music with the world. You can upload your own audio, music, or song of up to 180 minutes on SoundCloud for free and can share or promote it with millions of other users online.

Over 175 million unique visitors listen to music every month on Soundcloud.

Around the world, these are the top 5 countries where Soundcloud has the most users. These are the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, France.  If you liked our SoundCloud downloader tool, please share it on social media platforms.

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